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28MMDF350 Assembly instructions for the 28mm government building PDF File
Finishing 28mm Desert Buildings Four easy steps to finishing the new 28mm desert building kits YouTube Video
28mm Olympic Hotel
Assembly instructions for the 28mm Olympic Hotel model PDF File
15mm Euro Matboard Kits General Assembly tips for 15mm European City Matboard kits YouTube Video


15mm European city corner building (MatBoard)

PDF File


Brandenberg Gate in 15mm (MDF)

PDF File


Ultra Modern / Future City Building, Double Tower
(instructions apply to 6mm and 28mm versions as well)

PDF File

Blackhawk Down Building

Instructional video for assembly of the Blackhawk Down Target Building.  Assembly sequence applies to 6mm, 15mm, and 20mm models.

YouTube Video


Tank Transports

Instructional video for assembling the Tank Transports

YouTube Video
Tournament Tray Assembly diagram for Tournament Trays PDF File

Instructional video for assembling the 15mm and 28mm Arnhem Bridge - Both models assemble in the same way.

YouTube Video


12" Steel Girder Bridge MatBoard Kit assembly video

YouTube Video
285CSS061 Assembly diagram for the 285th scale (6mm) Mech Hangar PDF File
285CSS161 Berj Al Arab hotel, AKA "The Sail" PDF File


Assembly video for the giant 28mm church kit

YouTube Video



28mm Ruined Tank Factory



28mm Church Bell Tower

PDF File
28MMDF620 28mm Ruined Tudor House PDF File
28MMDF624 28mm Tudor House PDF File
28MMDF525 28mm European Corner Building

Note: Instructions in this PDF are for the 15mm version of this kit. All parts and assembly sequence are identical for the 28mm version.
PDF File
28MMDF622 (Ruinded)
28mm Tudor House PDF File



Paint Racks and Painting Stations

Paint Racks

Assembly Tutorial Video for Paint Racks (Updated Feb 9 2018)

YouTube Video

Paint Racks

Assembly Instruction Sheet for Paint Racks

PDF File

Paint Rack Drawers

Assembly Instruction Sheet for Paint Rack Drawers

PDF File

Painting Stations

Assembly Instruction Sheet for Painting Stations

PDF File

Painting Stations

Assembly Tutorial Video for Painting Stations

YouTube Video

Painting Station Drawers

Assembly Instruction Sheet for Painting Station Drawers

PDF File
Painting Station Drawers Assembly Tutorial Video for Painting Station Drawers YouTube Video

Inside Corner Paint Rack

Assembly Tutorial Video for Inside Corner Paint Rack

YouTube Video

90 Degree Corner

Assembly Instruction Sheet for the 90 degree corner rack

PDF File



General Tips and Tricks



General tips and trick for working with and finishing MDF buildings

YouTube Video

15mm Euro MatBaord Buildings


Tips and tricks for finishing the 15mm European MatBoard buildings.  The finishing technique works for the 28mm versions as well. 

YouTube Video



General tips and tricks for finishing MatBoard kits

YouTube Video



Working with and bonding Acrylic (AKA Plexiglass or Persplex)

YouTube Video


Sharing your GCmini Wish List How to share your GCmini Wish List with friends and family. This is especially handy around the holiday season ;) PDF File
Bolt Action Figure Painting Color Guide

These the colors we use here at GCmini to paint our Bolt Action figures. We do not guarantee perfect historical accuracy, but we can guarantee that these are the colors that look great to us.

Color key:
VMC = Vallejo Model Color, MM - Testors Model Master Acryl, AP = Army Painter
PDF File


    WWII Painting Guides by Warlord Games  
  American Painting Guide PDF File
  British Painting Guide PDF File

French Painting Guide

PDF File
  Germans Painting Guide PDF File
  Italians Painting Guide PDF File
  Japanese Painting Guide PDF File
  Soviets Painting Guide PDF File